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This Community Partners website is designed to give information about universities and citenzship. The site is divided up into the following sections.If you have any trouble finding what you need, you could try contacting us

Can it happen that in a workplace an employee who is an undergraduate, though rich in experience, be equally promoted to a position requiring a degree holder employee? From a Weber bureaucratic point of view, this is not allowed yet this happens rarely and in special cases. If the company is family-owned, this could possibly happen. At any case given this scenario and the reality that a large number of graduates remain unemployed stimulates some people to rethink whether or not it still makes sense to go to a university to earn a degree?

Present day technology also introduced new working environment where hiring focuses on individual skills (particularly in the playing field of IT professionals) rather than on educational attainment. There would be occasions when you will find undergraduates earning more compared to degree holders. But this should not be conclusive that getting a degree is already a thing of the past.

In fact, trends in the educational system have adopted new paradigms that are expected to expand and give more formal education to people who want to earn a degree but are unable to do so for one reason or another. This new educational paradigm is known as the long distance learning offered by open universities. Here, despite the fact that professor and learner are worlds apart through time and space, the learning system still works on a flexible platform where the independent learner studies at any time, anywhere and at a pace he or she chooses. This is made possible through the advance media technology. However, much is relied on the individuals strong will or determination to manage his learning and discipline to complete the educational program.

At this point, getting a degree is still highly recommended at all costs whether you get it from a traditional or from an online-distant learning system. Essentially, what is important is how you used your education in establishing your career path whether you are supply teacher, secretaries, janitors or CEOs. When applying for a job or a position in the real world, employers usually start filtering applicants by choosing those with earned degrees from the undergraduates. Definitely, it gives you leverage over undergraduat...

Disasters are inevitable. Most of the time worst disasters occur in the least expected places in the world. When disasters occur, whether countrywide or small country patches, they always end up with the destruction of properties, loss of lives and displacement of survivors. Definitely, a community in crisis seeks humanitarian assistance. Most survivors or victims during and after the disaster are generally hungry, traumatized, and sick and may even forget to recall how data sim cards work. Depending on the magnitude of destruction, the international community, comprising of the United Nations, U.S. Peace Corp., Red Cross International, among others, is always ready to respond to provide humanitarian assistance when the need aris...

There have been several signs of nature telling mankind that Mother Earth is getting back at how man has mishandled his environment. You have seen the world news reporting about the global climate changes to include more intense and devastating typhoons, tornadoes, earthquakes with aftermaths of tsunami, spewing out of magma by once inactive volcanoes, among others. You would not believe it but these events are somehow interrelated and boil down to mans greed and neglect of mother earth.

Perhaps, these events are just part of a wake up call for man to undo things that he did to harm nature some of which include: illegal logging, dynamite fishing, killing endangered species, mismanaged garbage disposal, among others. In fact, there are two inventions of man which many wished to have never been invented like high powered weapons, explosives, all kinds of bombs and plastic materials. Throughout the years, man has released so much of CFC or chlorofluorocarbons in the earths atmosphere. In effect, it has already destroyed earths ozone layer which shields the earth from harmful exposure to ultraviolet rays.

Reckoning from the famous line of former Pres. John F. Kennedy Ask not what your country can do for you but rather ask what you can do for your country, may perfectly be relevant to saving mother earth even if it takes you to be the lone worker or lone crusader. Whats important is that people see you sincere, standing up to your principle and advocacy. You might as well be the small flicker giving light to a big hole of darkness. They say to conquer big, you must start from small. What...

If you drive along Lancaster, Pennsylvania and you find a peculiar horse-driven cart with passengers in it hurdling with the fast, modern vehicles in a busy thoroughfare, you might wonder what sort of gimmick is this. Actually, this is just a glimpse of how members of the Amish community travel. Amish is a peculiar community dwelling in selected parts of America. They comprise a group of Christians which they call Amish Mennonites. Uniquely, they are known to be a close-knit community that defies convenience and luxury of modern technology. Sometimes they are laughed at for choosing such style of living. Their ways may be simple. They may be dressed in plain clothes and be odd in many ways. But you could find in their ranks traits of integrity, wisdom, ingenuity and lots of love and caring among members .They are one community that is very organized, committed to each member and knows what their community wants and needs. When their community is under threat, all members of their community become united ready to stand by their community to fight the menace or ready to cooperate in the best of their capacities to protect and secure Amish traditions.

One basic way of keeping your community safe would be getting some neighborhood watch group organized to roam at night; getting dark places in the community lit; securing areas conducive to theft and burglary by posting police at strategic places; inciting residents to be always vigilant and to install sensory alarms or video surveillance systems for home and office security including cars a community security function!

Similarly, if you are decided to settle your family to live or retire in a peaceful and safe town or village, one of the major considerations that you would give priority, aside from its proxim...

Early this year beginning March, all Britons were all excited about the anticipated wedding of their most eligible bachelor Prince and next heir to the King of England, Prince William. He is to wed the lucky bride Kate Middleton. Security was on red alert. Tight security was enforced using all military forces including Royal guards and even guard dog security. All security forces were all on their toes for any untoward incidents.

On April 29, 2011 nearly the whole world stopped to witness the Royal wedding of the century in world broadcast live television. The scheduled wedding month gave ...

Do you desperately need to sell your house but cannot find house buyers? You are not alone. There are countless homeowners out there who are in the same boat as yours. Looking for possible house buyers has become very challenging, especially with the turbulent economic picture. If ever you find interested buyers, they will most likely ask for discounts and haggle on your asking price. You would end up short of your expected price. One of the best ways to sell off your house fast is to list it to property investors. These companies specialize in quick house buying. No need to repair or renovate your house. In most cases, the company even shoulders the legal fees, even paying for unsettled dues.

If you have got possession or constructional problems, fast house buyers can help you address your problems. If tenants are not vacating the property or you are facing legal problems, legal experts from the company can help you through the process. They will guide you through every step until your property is ready for individual sale. Some homeowners do not have enough money to fund renovations of the house. This is where fast house buyers buyers can be of great help to you. These property investors are ready to buy your house, even if it has stagnant problems.

However, when selling your property through property investors, you want to make sure that you are dealing with a saf...

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