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This Community Partners website is designed to give information about universities and citenzship. The site is divided up into the following sections.If you have any trouble finding what you need, you could try contacting us

If you drive along Lancaster, Pennsylvania and you find a peculiar horse-driven cart with passengers in it hurdling with the fast, modern vehicles in a busy thoroughfare, you might wonder what sort of gimmick is this. Actually, this is just a glimpse of how members of the Amish community travel. Amish is a peculiar community dwelling in selected parts of America. They comprise a group of Christians which they call Amish Mennonites. Uniquely, they are known to be a close-knit community that defies convenience and luxury of modern technology. Sometimes they are laughed at for choosing such style of living. Their ways may be simple. They may be dressed in plain clothes and be odd in many ways. But you could find in their ranks traits of integrity, wisdom, ingenuity and lots of love and caring among members .They are one community that is very organized, committed to each member and knows what their community wants and needs. When their community is under threat, all members of their community become united ready to stand by their community to fight the menace or ready to cooperate in the best of their capacities to protect and secure Amish traditions.

One basic way of keeping your community safe would be getting some neighborhood watch group organized to roam at night; getting dark places in the community lit; securing areas conducive to theft and burglary by posting police at strategic places; inciting residents to be always vigilant and to install sensory alarms or video surveillance systems for home and office security including cars a community security function!

Similarly, if you are decided to settle your family to live or retire in a peaceful and safe town or village, one of the major considerations that you would give priority, aside from its proximity to your workplace, is the community you will be settling in. If you are a new settler how and what would you contribute to make your community orderly, clean and safe? Would you like to imitate qualities of what binds Amish community? There are prerequisites that must be present in your community to achieve this. First, you should ensure that there is somehow a recognized and organized group that will lead, keep residents committed and updated about the community. A community that is united will have strength, power and greater capacity to achieve what the members of the community would like to achieve. Secondly, you, yourself should participate and contribute your capacities in community activities that would develop trustworthiness, responsibility, fairness, respect, and commitment among members. Thirdly, to raise and sustain commitment and awareness among members of the community on relevant issues affecting them, you should ensure that there is good leadership (role model factor), trust, and unity among members. You should also contribute your talent and skills on how your community will fortify its networking. Empowerment is also a key. Lastly, you must obtain adequate resources that will address future needs of your community.

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