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There have been several signs of nature telling mankind that Mother Earth is getting back at how man has mishandled his environment. You have seen the world news reporting about the global climate changes to include more intense and devastating typhoons, tornadoes, earthquakes with aftermaths of tsunami, spewing out of magma by once inactive volcanoes, among others. You would not believe it but these events are somehow interrelated and boil down to mans greed and neglect of mother earth.

Perhaps, these events are just part of a wake up call for man to undo things that he did to harm nature some of which include: illegal logging, dynamite fishing, killing endangered species, mismanaged garbage disposal, among others. In fact, there are two inventions of man which many wished to have never been invented like high powered weapons, explosives, all kinds of bombs and plastic materials. Throughout the years, man has released so much of CFC or chlorofluorocarbons in the earths atmosphere. In effect, it has already destroyed earths ozone layer which shields the earth from harmful exposure to ultraviolet rays.

Reckoning from the famous line of former Pres. John F. Kennedy Ask not what your country can do for you but rather ask what you can do for your country, may perfectly be relevant to saving mother earth even if it takes you to be the lone worker or lone crusader. Whats important is that people see you sincere, standing up to your principle and advocacy. You might as well be the small flicker giving light to a big hole of darkness. They say to conquer big, you must start from small. What does this mean and how do you do that? First, you have to believe in yourself, love and do things that can save mother earth. People must see you practicing what you advocate. What is important is getting your message across to many to significantly win more people to your side and effecting greater impact. For example, start at home with your own garbage. Do not throw your litter anywhere. Avoid synthetics.

Stop using plastic bags for groceries and if you can achieve a zero % use of plastics and Styrofoam in your house, the better. Match this with the lesson learned from the movie Pay It Forward which is simply the golden rule, magnified. It advocates the rule that if someone helped you out, try to return this favor by doing good to other three more persons without asking anything in return( Putting a little twist here to make it more relevant to saving mother earth would mean that you would do three things (whether big or small) to save mother earth. Then, convince another three more people to do the same, each of them tasked the same way to do three good things for mother earth. Multiplying this several folds is carrying this out like a movement. The more people committed to replicate this concept, the greater impact it would do to save mother earth.

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